Aerial Cinematography & Specialty Camera Support Services  


Aerial Cinematography Services

RevUS | CREATIVE exists to serve the needs of UPMs, LPMs, and creative agencies by offering end-to-end production support for heavy-lift drone, remote head, and specialty camera systems operations. RevUS is F.A.A. Section 333 and Part 107 approved with certifications for nighttime flying, our operators are Local 600, and we are well versed in set etiquette and cinema class camera operations. We excel at carrying complex camera payloads like the Phantom Flex 4K, Nokia OZO, and REDs or ALEXAs. 


Drones, Virtual Reality, Remote Heads, Cable Cams

RevUS is a full service operator of heavy-lift drones for cinema class cameras, virtual reality camera systems, remote heads, cable cams, vehicle mounted stabilizer systems. 


Production Support for UPMs, LPMs, & Agencies

RevUS offers end-to-end support for UPMs, LPMs, and Creative Directors, in need of specialty camera support. Our operators are industry professionals, and understand "set etiquette." 


Local 600 & F.A.A. Approved Drone Pilots and Operators

Our drone and camera operators are Local 600 approved. We hold an F.A.A. Section 333 Exemption, Part 107 licenses with night certification, and we carry our own liability insurance. 


RevUS | C R E A T I V E aerials and car-to-car remote head work for Microsoft's Forza Horizon 3. 

Newton Remote Head Supplier and Tech for Condor Cam at the 2017 X-Games

RevUS | C R E A T I V E aerial work for a 2017 Chevy Colorado commercial

RevUS | C R E A T I V E aerials for the FOX HEAD MX17 product launch video



R E V U S | C R E A T I V E

RevUS | CREATIVE has offices in Woodland Hills, CA, and San Diego. To inquire about specific services or capabilities click the button below!