Unmanned Systems Integrations

We use drones, autonomous systems, and advanced wireless technologies to make your operations safer, more efficient, and more profitable.


RevUS is an autonomous systems services company specializing in the development, operation, and integration of advanced technology programs for public and private enterprise. In short, we assess, advise, deploy, and staff programs in support of unmanned vehicles and security solutions for the industrial, commercial, and DoD industries.

What We Do

Operations & Sustainment

RevUS professionals excel at operating complex technical programs in support of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Anti-Drone Defense Solutions, Mobile Ad Hoc Networking, Autonomous Vehicles, Deployed Operations, Command Center Management, and SIGINT collection. 

Integration & Consulting

RevUS leverages years of operational experience to design and optimize custom-tailored programs for organizations wanting to integrate unmanned systems, autonomous vehicle networks, and advanced sensor technologies into new or existing workflows.

Advanced Technologies

RevUS partners with industry leading manufacturers and operators of remote sensor technologies, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and ad hoc wireless voice and video communications networks to design or optimize programs that cut costs and improve efficiencies.   


What We Offer

Here at RevUS, our partners and professionals have dedicated their lives to establishing themselves as subject matter experts across a diverse range of industries. From military Special Operations veterans to commercial business executives, the RevUS team is uniquely qualified to drive the integration of advanced technologies in a connected 21st Century economy. Our in depth understanding of the intricacies involved in designing and operating networks of unmanned systems and advanced sensors enables a custom-tailored approach that is guaranteed to extract value from evolving business models.


Tailored to Fit Your Industry